Cryptic Crossword from Economic Times Bangalore (7395 of 01-05-2019) - Fillable and with solution

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6 I restore dining complex, having studied this? (8,6)
9 Irish mother embraced by an aviator (6)
10 Depicts harbour with fish (8)
11 Distress and dismay a veggie when eating horse meat (8)
13 Stand holding goods for someone on the street? (6)
15 Provide a car to carry female (6)
17 Comment upsets American film director (6)
19 I'd say purchase mushrooms, the bigger the stronger (6)
20 Give second rating to engineers on ship in high seas (8)
22 Cox, hard chap, retains timber suppliers (8)
24 The new Ulster college based on cultural origins (6)
26 Guys in leathers wasted what's picked up in Essex (7,7)

1 Tiny bits of metal cover ministers' office units (6,8)
2 Staunch group of Knights Templars (4)
3 Variety of nectar producing state of abstraction (6)
4 Delightful reception held in sort of farm (8)
5 Following him, Soviets argued somewhat (4)
7 Big bird's very big victim (6)
8 When man has a few things fused to curb king? (3,6,5)
12 Fifty engaged in widespread search (5)
14 Flute perhaps initially given a miss (5)
16 Two girls or one (8)
18 Old stove for historic house (6)
21 Navy stripped English earl to get even (6)
23 What Lions do in loose scrum (4)
25 Sing praises of cold shower (4)
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