Cryptic Crossword from Economic Times Bangalore (7447 of 01-07-2019) - Fillable and with solution

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6 Success impossible in race involving old wife in funny suit (2-3,9)
9 You and I prepare to welcome Irish eccentric (6)
10 Scribblers use these new books with record promotions (8)
11 Trumpeter who's long in the tooth? (8)
13 Part of speech nearly all spoken, not written (6)
15 Pleasant-sounding rock composed of quartz and mica (6)
17 Press starts to investigate China, using sarcasm (6)
19 Classy Miss Gwyn drinks whiskey, becoming indisposed (6)
20 Strengthen position of batsman (8)
22 Part of Birmingham is hard to bowl over (8)
24 Defence ministry approaches English sailors with it (6)
26 Highly colourful, as are some portraits (6-4-4)

1 I can finally see one man is backing a smart group (14)
2 Not as many heading off to get jug (4)
3 Fleece a nongovernmental organisation artist (6)
4 Fierce rival cut plant developed by gardener (8)
5 Domestic animals upset part of flight (4)
7 Light up during marketing investigation (6)
8 Plotters cornered US navy after manoeuvres (8,6)
12 Devout Anglicans cherish eastern fragment (5)
14 Called European sweep (5)
16 Troops collectively traded lines, that is assumed (8)
18 Weigh thoroughly - there's a fraction in it (6)
21 Church workers beginning to take stick (6)
23 Russian girl perhaps first to abandon her river (4)
25 Welshman's platform (4)
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