Cryptic Crossword from Economic Times Bangalore (7606 of 02-01-2020) - Fillable and with solution

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1 He gives my bride away if and when altar's prepared (6-2-3)
9 Order from robber or teacner (5-2)
10 After tralnlng I learnt where to go in army (7)
11 Pull food processor over (3)
12 How cruel peeple behave in last difficult year (7)
13 Remain longer than occasionally robust guy (7)
14 One of two included in mounlaineer's kit (3)
15 Feeling of remorse, mostly sick in stomach (5)
17 What one may need to examine guidelines maybe (5)
18 Sdldier returns in vehicle in Havana, say (5)
20 Animal with mutated DNA found in Pennsylvania (5)
22 Best shark loses tail (3)
24 Constructlon klt can come in bits (7)
25 Conservatlve to pick unusual battle site (7)
26 Last part of Vladmir's space station (3)
27 Trlckle into revolting bar, for this (5-2)
28 Go off to wade in river (7)
19 Master and pupll designed Item showing pH (6,5)

1 Pupils enjoy thls tralnlng place for rlch girls (9,6)
2 Former volunteers swindle wine and cheese party (7)
3 Desolate Englisn politician extremely thirsty (5)
4 Amend long title that's been acquired unfairly (3-6)
5 Infant interrupts Stories? That's an understatement (7)
6 Busy trip without petrol's crazy around Sweden (7-4,4)
7 How fllm star signs his name, showing gratitude? (6)
Australia's lyrebirds gather up coloured stones (6)
16 Wrlter's put off taking in concert piece that may be unrehearsed (9)
18 Manage to obtaln instruction to sheepdog (4,2)
19 Chemlcal engineers pursued by spy (7)
21 Bobby stuck in a prune to make drink (7)
23 Cut sample of salesman's talk (6)
25 Nasty character about to slice mushroom (5)
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Created at 10.30 hrs IST on 02-01-2020 from Chennai

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