Cryptic Crossword from Economic Times Bangalore (7657 of 02-03-2020) - Fillable and with solution

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6 Clever technocrat is in charge of building study (14)
9 Revealing agent caught by another one (6)
10 State capital’s second graduate to enter sea (8)
11 Punished once for being poor (8)
13 Catherine adopts a rare sport (6)
15 Regularly see round odd parts of Vienna (6)
17 Recruit is lent for training (6)
19 Music group that should remain in control of disc (6)
20 Facing river in work place (8)
22 Brother gets nasty colic, eating this? (8)
24 Director quietly probes withdrawn Beckett absentee (3,3)
26 Maori’s pagan hat representing dreamlike images (14)

1 Study of customers harms racketeer badly (6,8)
2 Scotsman’s revolutionary fraud (4)
3 Youth leader in party, after it’s over, put in order (4,2)
4 Highly distressed nurse sidesteps ploy (8)
5 Ignore hairstyles combed over? (4)
7 Represent English doctor on old dodgy case (6)
8 Authorised walk (14)
12 A small department that’s handy (5)
14 Checks part of tack (5)
16 Left one dry test along the shore (8)
18 Hate going under piano platform (6)
21 Soup label collected by US writer (6)
23 Staff are allowed to experiment at first (4)
25 After exercise, royal couple benefit from work (4)
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Created at 15.45 hrs IST on 02-03-2020 from Bangalore

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