Cryptic Crossword from Economic Times Bangalore (7448 of 02-07-2019) - Fillable and with solution

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6 Crispy plant, most of it hidden? (7,7)
9 Nearly dash to a hospital and cheer (6)
10 Greek adult with his PC designed illustrations (8)
11 Notice lines lying round tree that's on beach (8)
13 Arch upset at home upset cats etc. (6)
15 Sort of horn that's heard in Paris (6)
17 Raise image of manager after middle of December (6)
19 Extra small skewers in short supply (6)
20 Old regular payment I received from China, say (8)
22 Pretty fine work by printer (8)
24 Flimsy material gets angry columnist out of bed (6)
26 Drug-related blend of 16, a trap luring in university (14)

1 Personality chops fee in play? Could that be a paradox? (6,2,6)
2 Raise back (4)
3 IT whiz kid breaks the ice (6)
4 Good manure needs to be spread around one plant (8)
5 Long to be included in benefit changes (4)
7 Try to retain current record about paid escort (6)
8 Nasty pains stop fowl becoming pets (6,8)
12 Very thin man takes part in series (5)
14 Cut off second instrument (5)
16 Michael worked with carbon compound (8)
18 15, for instance, some left on Guernsey (6)
21 Patient fashionable couple (6)
23 Complain about supposedly 'proper' speech (4)
25 Group welcomes Catholic splinter group (4)
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Created at 23.00 hrs IST on 02-07-2019 from Chennai (delayed due to India-Bangladesh match)

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