Cryptic Crossword from Economic Times Bangalore (7633 of 03-02-2020) - Fillable and with solution

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6 Go into fancy cheap food and nearly open place in South Africa (4,2,4,4)
9 Tool left blocking jetties (6)
10 Old record isn’t impressing one medium (3,5)
11 College boy welcomes special person from Tallinn (8)
13 Eg Tolpuddle man: ‘It’s my right to retain skill’ (6)
15 Pilot has a struggle carrying a ton (6)
17 English mother goes over one puzzle (6)
19 Brook good person with lots of paper (6)
20 Make waves blasting adult in French article (8)
22 A variety of staunch plant that decorates capitals (8)
24 Authorisation for each US college (6)
26 Exhausted girls went nuts for this sport (3-2,9)

1 Disintegrating calcite scale is concerning church ... (14)
2 ... perhaps eventually including this part of it? (4)
3 Japanese art botanist designed with no time at all (6)
4 Count maybe 1000 in Lebanon in distress (8)
5 Large bird, male, displayed in Royal Academy (4)
7 Establish golf over 18 holes (6)
8 Write extremely nerdy items about remote old vehicles (5-9)
12 Fruit’s round, as it happens (5)
14 Drink’s brought up for royal (5)
16 Axe man with a warmonger (8)
18 Chase prize university introduced (6)
21 Assistant’s responsibility is preserving record (6)
23 Arrest expert in Netherlands (4)
25 Managed to instal one shower (4)
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Created at 11.30 hrs IST on 03-02-2020 from Bangalore

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