Cryptic Crossword from Economic Times Bangalore (7658 of 03-03-2020) - Fillable and with solution

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6 My close relatives could be deleted in my fax (8,6)
9 Items scattered round back of nursery block (6)
10 Nana’s beginning to loathe nervous disease (5,3)
11 Order soprano at church to entertain foreign queen (8)
13 GP hugs oddly upset English cleaner (6)
15 Home Counties solicitor left (3,3)
17 Unique energy put in to switch positions (3-3)
19 Anxiety returned about start of activity in plant (6)
20 Paint picture in words of French writer (8)
22 Beethoven’s Fifth baffled the trio, 25 this time (8)
24 Vets do it, changing tenure (6)
26 Nice sunhat and suit designed to get you cool (14)

1 Hot area isn’t wet, possibly as measured here? (7,7)
2 Staunch supporter in bed (4)
3 Fashionable bird as trainee (6)
4 New lecturer supports old king occasionally (3,3,2)
5 Help to retain Mike in the centre (4)
7 Birdie or better at Turnberry’s first (6)
8 Eleven face ASBO misbehaving in time off work (5,2,7)
12 Speak the greatest amount, putting most off (5)
14 Thoroughly clean section of tennis court (5)
16 Lacking merit, topless guy’s thrown wobbly inside (8)
18 Daughter impressed by a Madrid gent’s extra features (3-3)
21 Browning’s aunt stupidly invested in tin (6)
23 Chase and search until captured (4)
25 Capable of taking part in shot put after somersault (2,2)
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Created at 16.00 hrs IST on 03-03-2020 from Bangalore

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