Cryptic Crossword from Economic Times Delhi (7502 of 03-09-2019) (No newspapers in Bangalore due to holiday for Vinayaka Chaturthi) - Fillable and with solution

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6 Like pricey car, top groomed in Hackney? (3-11)
9 Burglar regularly seen with adult in African country (6)
10 Round rear of stock I'm a mild working farmgirl (8)
11 Crete abused in letter there, as well as other things (2,6)
13 A number left to block borders of Turkey (6)
15 Vegetable is hard after cooking (6)
17 Prisoner pinches old dry cloth (6)
19 Glass paper (6)
20 Sly Asian misinterpreted examination (8)
22 Morphine or quinine, say, help keep all OK after surgery (8)
24 Beefy 6 make cross (6)
26 Contest Mr King must win at sea, sporting these? (8,6)

1 Play draughts with energy in US city with relatives (9-2-3)
2 I left clever guy some cereal (4)
3 Adore eating a good salad plant (6)
4 Dirk landed the wrong way in fight (8)
5 It often goes in front of bust or bosom, not heart (4)
7 Humble film star James inspired me (6)
8 Philosopher's stirring tale in sixties about Thailand (14)
12 It develops down river in Germany (5)
14 How to get in the aristocracy with no introduction? (5)
16 Scattered coins over a road cutting (8)
18 Lovelorn good friend raised pet (6)
21 Turn away after introducing director's commercial (6)
23 Author's supporting Arab force (4)
25 Verge doesn't start green strip (4)
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Created at 11.30 hrs IST on 03-09-2019 from Bangalore

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