Cryptic Crossword from Economic Times Bangalore (7659 of 04-03-2020) - Fillable and with solution

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1 For self-indulgent bouts, say, I enter violent sport (3-5)
5 Minor details from four in court case mostly (6)
9 It appears in understated caption (8)
10 Using this old coin EU could produce fluorine (6)
12 One instrument or another with no top (4)
13 In position after a time, they go over scan (2,3,5)
15 Obsession before possession? (13)
19 Soldiering on, I moved on a bit, grabbing right tool (9,4)
23 By the sound of it, grass will rapidly confine crate (10)
25 Tom Thumb’s last resting place (4)
28 Party also planned to tour Channel Islands (6)
29 Start off letter about church article and other things (2,6)
30 Toil in different places to break old English limestone (6)
31 U.S. TV awards sent back to check balance (8)

1 Assuredly, like one entering cathedral city (6)
2 Go round passing remarks about Republican (5)
3 Bar trouble following first of riots (4)
4 Wise law officers almost take it in (7)
6 Person who regrets hiding large item in schoolbag? (5)
7 Virginia fixed amount to cover one change (9)
8 Using PA with no introduction is irritating (8)
11 Second person once stole sand from 1000 (4)
14 It’s only found in Lyme Regis (4)
15 Government ace left after 4 (9)
16 Prisoner’s trick (3)
17 Atmosphere created by golden sun god (4)
18 Newsboy occasionally collects papers and drink (8)
20 Keen on group of Tintorettos (4)
21 Grand Hotel lake in a dirty place that’s awful (7)
22 Group of Swedes vacated comfy office in monastery (6)
24 Listed a number in rented property (5)
26 Finished start of test for all to see (5)
27 Surly comic married judge (4)
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Created at 22.15 hrs IST on 04-03-2020 from Bangalore

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