Cryptic Crossword from Economic Times Bangalore (7502 of 04-09-2019) - Fillable and with solution

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1 Expert teams worked with regular members of rally (8)
5 Extended family member, American, visits mint (6)
9 Eruption of strange tuber splitting tree (8)
10 Renovate theatre about 5 in the morning (6)
12 Smooth wedge, for instance (4)
13 Worker messing about inside mission (10)
15 US hero engages comic in cause of climate change (10,3)
19 Wet nurse got it wrong? It's hard to say (6-7)
23 Rearrange English publication during promotion (10)
25 No end to long period (4)
28 One firm withdraws into do-it-your­self madness (6)
29 Sort of robbery for which torch isn't needed? (8)
30 Care about gathering a plant (6)
31 Fragile sort of leather covering tip of shoe (8)

1 Compiler's work starts to irritate an eye problem (6)
2 Charlotte's ultimately given up fight (3-2)
3 House member nearly out of bounds (4)
4 Cecilia is online, admitting relationship (7)
6 Not an ideal place for canoe to break up! (5)
7 Beachcomber maybe, namely someone seeking redress (9)
8 Favouring their own is occupying top men at sea (8)
11 Bone up on old writer (4)
14 Fop's occasionally been at university (4)
15 Good one beginning to row around Lido possibly? (9)
16 Man with axe (3)
17 Where to find badgers, mainly 2 (4)
18 Gnarled tree in fringes of Turnberry for ages (8)
20 Look after less than a shilling in old money (4)
21 Flash Harry isn't a property owner (7)
22 British game team oddly left naked (6)
24 Odd parts of Greece fine in retrospect for reptile (5)
26 Bird dog heading off (5)
27 Blueberry? Yes and no (4)
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Created at 21.00 hrs IST on 04-09-2019 from Bangalore

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