Cryptic Crossword from Economic Times Bangalore (7348 of 07-03-2019) - Fillable and with solution

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1 Crestfallen daughter thrown out (8)
5 Odd drink knocked over in fracas (6)
9 Flag on merchant ship navy removed for makeover (8)
10 Person who engraves one glass after another (6)
12 Legal document renounced after omitting Northern Ireland (4)
13 The German crew in town spoiled feeling of awe (10)
15 Small lounge chairs ordered for meditation (4-9)
19 Water transport confuses group in exercises on river (6,7)
23 What clubs strive to avoid, say, in association (10)
25 Part of church partly collapses (4)
28 Pad fit to appear in Times (6)
29 Thread left for all to see during hectic triage (8)
30 Government soldier among other soldiers (6)
31 Cab ranks disrupted food outlet (5,3)

1 Mock Des securing heartland of Tories (6)
2 Hardy character engages good person on bench (5)
3 Change when entering church (4)
4 Hold English Antarctic explorer (7)
6 Guide that woman following American (5)
7 Bill is often running initially near the back (9)
8 Country guy, not posh, accepts radical plan (8)
11 One old man defends energy scheme (4)
14 Stitch up revolutionary on both sides (4)
15 Blue badge designed to cover large rider's pouch (9)
16 Consume repast, ignoring odd bits (3)
17 Groom horse protecting mare (4)
18 He connects you to a rope thrown over top of ravine (8)
20 Stuff text finally in stamped addressed envelope (4)
21 Citizen of Tallinn neglects second college boy (7)
22 Facade very nearly masks annexes here and there (6)
24 Fifty in controversial game shine (5)
26 Measure depth precisely (5)
27 It's applied primarily with tender loving care on outside (4)
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