Cryptic Crossword from Economic Times Bangalore (7400 of 07-05-2019) - Fillable and with solution

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6 Line crustacean out to be dissected in biology, say (7,7)
9 Call doctor, hoping extremities have been scrubbed (4,2)
10 Press trophy table (8)
11 Levi suffers a bit in retreat, unrestrained (8)
13 Democrat dropping protest about Virginia's neckwear (6)
15 Authority controls tube centrally - U.S. tube, that is (6)
17 A small error masks good attribute (6)
19 Transfix supporter at church (6)
20 He forgets tricky names, even parts of finance (8)
22 Precarious cushy job in which son's demoted (8)
24 It's obvious I must set out to stifle resistance (6)
26 Loud delicate instrument in black box (6,8)

1 Nearly everyone supports a French job that's improper (14)
2 Pull up stem (4)
3 Gosh, this sultanate may make neighbours agitated (6)
4 They're applied to boxer, sick with pace, wobbly (3,5)
5 Brave man seized by Cherokees (4)
7 Audibly compare slow-growing plant (6)
8 Warm-up events for assistants in wings? (7-7)
12 Colour of male in taxi service (5)
14 A teacher's wrong (5)
16 It's acceptable these days to correspond (8)
18 Bloke, say, gets inteoduction to equestrianism here (6)
21 People, for example, not in denial (6)
23 So little work with nothing added (4)
25 Release a Parisian cook (4)
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Created at 14.00 hrs IST on 07-05-2019 from Bangalore

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