Cryptic Crossword from Economic Times Bangalore (7689 of 08-04-2020) - Fillable and with solution

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1 Scorn politician replacing son in competition (8)
5 Vague amount of money for Chinese dish (3,3)
9 Ambitious Middle Eastern state stuck in past sadly (8)
10 Special courses Open University introduced cease to exist (3,3)
12 Old Tibetan ox running round fell (4)
13 English firm clear of organisms in their environment (10)
15 Rebuilt false cellar leads to personal humiliation (4-9)
19 Pint mixed with single gin causing excitement (5-8)
23 CIA get confused about game, expressing regret (10)
25 Oddly lowbrow European instrument (4)
28 Set fire to sort of coal left out (6)
29 It’s instructive looking round Germany, if boring (8)
30 Daily glass (6)
31 Stop meeting professional villain (8)

1 Eccentric lush visits Cyprus (6)
2 Underclothing? It would be smart with small top (5)
3 Spanish article about Arab title (4)
4 Universal remedy an expert brought in each year (7)
6 Spotting, not leaving, decoration (5)
7 Fried snack almost ruined goods (6,3)
8 Develop ultimate mangle (8)
11 Jumper obtained in raffle apparently (4)
14 Every so often in golf use stick (4)
15 Cunard, say, swaps parts for possession (9)
16 Product of bakery, British one in Paris (3)
17 Send out magazine that’s turned up (4)
18 Daydreaming in camp sites abroad, wasting time? (8)
20 Concept’s almost perfect (4)
21 Girl due to change money in Amsterdam once (7)
22 Style of music for eg Gaelic groups (6)
24 Trump dismissed cook (5)
26 Crosby hoarded 50 showy items of jewellery (5)
27 Service area’s coming up at a distance (4)
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Created at 15.30 hrs IST on 08-04-2020 from Bangalore

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