Cryptic Crossword from Economic Times Bangalore (7376 of 09-04-2019) - Fillable and with solution

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6 Avoid day among beachcombers skimming stones (5,3,6)
9 Look for organ in small church (6)
10 Honour a church assuming care of boy (8)
11 Triangular piece of canvas stops trouble (8)
13 Conservative accepting ambassador's plan (6)
15 Writer's sadly rejected sausage (6)
17 A daughter's opening appearance (6)
19 One married couple weaken (6)
20 Get amateur in to check echo in lounge (8)
22 Card game's very popular still (8)
24 Stand up to work, then sit (6)
26 Like a commander, be in charge in most cases (2,1,7,4)

1 Never misstated? Rubbish - they often are (14)
2 Damage headless statuette (4)
3 Complaint from a celebrity endlessly about Queen (6)
4 Brought up old coin in river upside down (8)
5 One of four bars at Lord's is temporariily free (4)
7 Noble stops US city almost (6)
8 Bush Senior and Junior, for example? (5,9)
12 Put up volunteers in conference venue (5)
14 What pilot may have to do, caught in European plane (5)
16 Concert over, man swallows trendy drug (8)
18 A sailor tours V&A to find Hindu deity (6)
21 Look up briefly, facing your first ball at Lord's (6)
23 Summon young attendant (4)
25 French for 'bucket' (4)Not solved
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Created at 22.00 hrs IST on 09-04-2019 from Bangalore

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