Cryptic Crossword from Economic Times Bangalore (7507 of 09-09-2019) - Fillable and with solution

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6 'The More the Cheaper', extracted from 'Cameos of Ceylon' (7,2,5)
9 Fuss about a soldier's slow movement (6)
10 Tolerate old fellows' deadlock (8)
11 Bovine one allowed back in open ground (8)
13 Husband occupies shabby craft (6)
15 Plunder a group of gunmen in sludge (6)
17 Standard engine's lacking starter? Needs fixing (6)
19 Unnerved, showing signs of battle, runs away (6)
20 A head nearly, very nearly, becomes a winner (8)
22 Drink? It's rejected by husband in French AA (3,5)
24 Where to buy chips while at home in company (6)
26 Noisier insect buzzing around unknown OAPs (6,8)

1 Dispenser very close by me contains ornate china (7,7)
2 Leaving without one medal (4)
3 Start to renovate old businesses in elaborate style (6)
4 Switch positions now and then (3,3,2)
5 Cutting from current papers (4)
7 Disorganised enemy enrols small submissive types (3,3)
8 Port workers grab dense suspect, showing ambiguity? (4-10)
12 Blunder and finally score zero in the three Rs (5)
14 Raw innocent's first to appear in part of church (5)
16 Sort of bowler almost ready for battle (8)
18 Trip in South Africa, possibly bypassing Cape (6)
21 Very busy architect sadly missing art (6)
23 Old defence post (4)
25 Get rid of hut (4)
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