Cryptic Crossword from Economic Times Bangalore (7455 of 10-07-2019) - Fillable and with solution

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1 Mrs Thatcher nearly seizing Cuba's old warship (8)
5 Doctor suppresses former East German rumours (6)
9 Spooky places scattered across Turkey (8)
10 Somewhere in Texas Democrat unfortunately holds line (6)
12 Jargon used among American troops (4)
13 Quietly, Young Conservative arrests state arsonist (10)
15 Tetchy stepmother teribly embarrassed (5-8)
19 Mechanism fixed on car carrying king and prince in India (4-3-6)
23 College society for a long time, one in bits missing from it (10)
25 A sign ladies have lost weight (4)
28 Diana's frightened young dragonflies (6)
29 Furtive look round with doctor reveals plant (8)
30 Recall contents of hard nuts in such cold latitudes (6)
31 The old Arab country tracks volunteers once (8)

1 Examine penniless flyer perhaps (6)
2 Where to find canoe in trouble? (5)
3 Attractive accent first to disappear (4)
4 Shrink aluminium in some way (7)
6 Piece of tomahawk in place in Nebraska (5)
7 Small historic golf club saves energy to keep going (7,2)
8 It speeds up delivery after 100 lines (8)
11 Bird took the plunge in New York (4)
14 Isle of Wight briefly a part of America! (4)
15 Partisan originally surveys a certain ground (9)
16 Leading spinner (3)
17 Narrow-minded person, upright to some extent (4)
18 Bring up nurse to bandage split fishing gear (5,3)
20 What's produced by 500 flipping wildebeest? (4)
21 Passionate in future, perhaps (7)
22 Smart, like paparazzi? (6)
24 Duck, about to expire, surfaces (5)
26 Fool's radical show behind screens (5)
27 Initially some went into marina to do this (4)
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Created at 20.30 hrs IST on 10-07-2019 from Bangalore

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