Cryptic Crossword from Economic Times Bangalore (7614 of 11-01-2020) - Fillable and with solution

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1 Gave up houses for office in Euston? (4,8)
8 Very cold wild zebus run out (7)
9 Underwater explorer, say, brought back part (7)
11 Distressed girl slates specialists in reactions (10)
12 First half of book is about Irish writer (4)
14 Dispute English guy’s item on barbecue (8)
16 Britain backs farming body over good defence system (4,2)
17 Fool about, performing (3)
19 It’s hard to win a murder case with this nonentity (6)
21 Train skater in posh London area to take up new sport (5-3)
24 Fail to beat king (4)
25 Make determined approach to apply to tour county (4,4,2)
27 Vet strimmer that’s used to clear beds? (7)
28 Reportedly a loyal actor, he typically swears a lot (7)
29 Henry’s rye mixed with rum as bedtime sedative? (7,5)

1 Plant liable to collapse without oxygen (7)
2 She parades willy-nilly, takes leading part (10)
3 Highly creative don collars lecturer, one in charge (8)
4 Working to cut one tax (2,4)
5 Be jealous of ambassador lacking nothing (4)
6 Cryptographer admits new change of direction (7)
7 Liquidated Asian assets after Revolution Day (12)
10 Top rebel gradually changing (12)
13 Interpreting figures in morgue only perplexed (10)
15 Bob’s part of London (3)
18 Storyteller in Scottish island ascending hill (8)
20 Lock-keeper and boring boyfriend (7)
22 Gap in head treated painlessly, not getting ill (7)
23 Dread mistake appearing after time (6)
26 Copes without staff for a long time (4)
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