Cryptic Crossword from Economic Times Bangalore (7640 of 11-02-2020) - Fillable and with solution

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6 Umbrella business is handling my Co-op badly (7,7)
9 Sultanate could be in Beirut with it (6)
10 Primate accepts job? I assumed it's germane(8)
11 After party people produce gift (8)
13 Use clothes-line or blower in East End salon? (3-3)
15 Amateur's wearing neckwear the wrong way in fight (6)
17 On retlremenl the French enjoy their drink and grouse (6)
19 African country switched sides to obtain wool (6)
20 Memento could make you envious, right? (8)
22 Prompt action in senior policeman·s beat (8)
24 Prairie wolf's evasive with injured toe (6)
26 Back survey by paper - it's vital for drivers (4-4.6)

1 March abandoned insultlng PR campaign (5,9)
2 Allen leaves his home? That's an idea (4)
3 Cycling non-stop on Isle. I cover top and bottom only (6)
4 Company chief receives plate for beef (8)
5 America supports Chopin's core work (4)
7 Old woman·s dreadfully angry about nurses' leader (6)
8 Subject which excites any hot rurallst (7,7)
12 Here Texans met thelr doom alas. some retreat!ng (5)
14 Sketch show always popping up round university (5)
16 Boar at it getting butchered (8)
18 Avold cheese endlessly grated by wire (6)
21 Four Chlnese hug poor chlld (6)
23 Scottlsh city's not entirely familiar (4)
25 Story that's long and lacking energy (4)
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Created at 22.30 hrs IST on 11-02-2020 from Chennai

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