Cryptic Crossword from Economic Times Bangalore (7509 of 11-09-2019) - Fillable and with solution

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1 Foolish call for bar to be lifted (8)
5 Greek character and bishop visiting drama school (6)
9 Model and casual office worker overdue (8)
10 County head office right for group of statisticians (6)
12 Put a value on very large court cases (4)
13 Drive outfit back around North Dakota (3-2-3-2)
15 Former transport for coppers (5-8)
19 Jack ends up surrounded by woods in these venues (7,6)
23 I'm a rafter wobbling across river, to reach this? (5,5)
25 Street Arab's hero (4)
28 Inside a year, pair suffered hives here (6)
29 Golf club borders free football field (8)
30 Gives in profits (6)
31 Cape yacht club with space earl left for track (8)

1 Notice weakness after female quits for a short time (6)
2 Primary school initially supporting mother's complaint (5)
3 Anger rises during deliberation (4)
4 In which many attempt to win euros but few do! (7)
6 A traveller's scent (5)
7 Almost bowdlerise novel -- what stylist does (4-5)
8 Singer wins hearts? I don't like it, however (8)
11 A fanatic hauled up swimmer (4)
14 Opposed to appearing in the meantime (4)
15 Spread out, we provide aerial stunt (5,4)
16 Fruit that's not given by those who are indifferent (3)
17 Sentimental message curtailed (4)
18 Passing comments about faulty lines I installed? (8)
20 Hard work shortened beam (4)
21 Backtrack over miles to secure a new partner (7)
22 Attempt to go round point with it (6)
24 Like smoke perhaps, very dry, containing carbon (5)
26 Dislodge chair covering (5)
27 The Italian holds party for 25 (4)
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Created at 16.30 hrs IST on 11-09-2019 from Bangalore

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