Cryptic Crossword from Economic Times Bangalore (7561 of 11-11-2019) - Fillable and with solution

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6 Aim of some parades? Not if I indicate otherwise (14)
9 Maybe monitor head in Cornwall (6)
10 Flight rate raised at sea after introducing exercises (8)
11 Hard hat worn out in May (8)
13 Choppy Tyne swamps main road, creating hostility (6)
15 Gossip about black and brown making a return (6)
17 Take a spin? Could be great around end of July (6)
19 Mike owns very big area that's covered in tesserae (6)
20 Start to offset embassy oversight (8)
22 Duke is second to enter gallery, showing aversion (8)
24 Selling church benefits US singer, the last of many (6)
26 Milton's preface displayed bumptiousness (4-10)

1 Troops regulate MPs (8,6)
2 Dairy product consumed by the plateful withdrawn (4)
3 Diligent American quitting artist's work­place (6)
4 Guide cycles round Arkansas, but only just (8)
5 Cuddles up for part of flight (4)
7 Peacekeepers take part in tedious parade (6)
8 Legally sold company in other venture abroad (4-3-7)
12 Somewhat upset, having ingested one bone (5)
14 Guy's collected close to infinite resources (5)
16 Pardon English compiler following old coppers (6,2)
18 The Spanish call in brother for nifty footwork (6)
21 Pose in uniform outside in the original place (2,4)
23 Big dog ignores mother's scrap (4)
25 Recover first of nets in sea (4)
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Created at 16.00 hrs IST on 11-11-2019 from Bangalore

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