Cryptic Crossword from Economic Times Bangalore (7641 of 12-02-2020) - Fillable and with solution

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1 First of crude comic novels about university jerk (8)
5 Put a support after end of border fence with this (6)
9 Doubt temporary account (8)
10 Gone off, scarpered, pursued by police (6)
12 Sexy novel about securing ornamental stone (4)
13 Section of tract: ‘USA Hopes Go Astray’ (10)
15 Clue for ‘glibness’ that has its pros and cons? (5,8)
19 Out of contact, manic duo go wild after pay cut (13)
23 Betray zoo attendant and retailer (10)
25 Stare at search engine, avoiding effort at first (4)
28 Striking former partner about the ear (6)
29 Diligent EU sold US nuts (8)
30 Place of worship where men show their age first? (6)
31 Does a waspwaisted cook use one? (3,5)

1 Copper’s pet habit? (6)
2 Gross assets periodically appearing in city (5)
3 Operator contributes to serious errors (4)
4 Shelve American writer in South Dakota (7)
6 Flooded area used to be hard (5)
7 Distribute it in Congo under an assumed name (9)
8 Change look of communist flag, removing name (8)
11 Wife loves large coat (4)
14 Cut up leader in morning paper (4)
15 Miniature version of sirocco swirling during midsummer (9)
16 Disallow collar that’s turned up (3)
17 Burn runs under main (4)
18 With letters in the wrong order, avoid dash (8)
20 What’s found in manure always (4)
21 One swimmer comes up holding cold bit of glacier (7)
22 It detects source of smoke in church, I hear (6)
24 Butcher keeps recipe for whale food (5)
26 Good scope for curry (5)
27 Right way to tackle uranium decay (4)
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Created at 12.45 hrs IST on 12-02-2020 from Chennai

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