Cryptic Crossword from Economic Times Bangalore (7616 of 14-01-2020) - Fillable and with solution

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6 Official threat shattered foundation of belief (7,2,5)
9 Medicine man's fake article (6)
10 Sort of error disrupting Circle Line about one... (8)
11 ... made progress harder (8)
13 Salad ingredient also includes meat with no energy (6)
15 Carol longs to take in corset (4-2)
17 A US squaddie got into trouble for slow performance (6)
19 Sign representing sound of percussion instrument? (6)
20 Shell fragments ruin her plans (8)
22 Those in changes involving university do better (8)
24 Wildebeest in work unit rolled over in dirt (6)
26 Winds etc measured here in Wales in hottest area maybe (7,7)

1 Part in TV badly acted out by her with amateur (7-3,4)
2 Couple I bumped into heading north (4)
3 Counterfeit coin I see is recognisable by everyone (6)
4 A fellow celebrated having start of course moved (8)
5 Indian garment reserved by impresario (4)
7 Programmers do it once new editor turns up (6)
8 Engineer interacting with one in old tower (8,6)
12 Dial corrupt bishop for off-the-cuff remark (2-3)
14 Intensively study naive person at university (3,2)
16 Old flier I'd rewritten describ-ing some boilers (3-5)
18 Judge classes separately, not taking sides (6)
21 Alan Sugar angrily got rid of LIS. overcoat (6)
23 Surfeit evens out in Seattle (4)
25 Computer system using 1 in Paris and in Rome (4)
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Created at 18.00 hrs IST on 14-01-2020 from Bangalore

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