Cryptic Crossword from Economic Times Bangalore (7353 of 13-03-2019) - Fillable and with solution

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6 River in Blue Mountains sadly can't be crossed (14)
9 King leaves wounded and frightened (6)
10 Clients sure to be upset with external finishes (3-5)
11 Harmed one couple in sea (8)
13 Big birds introduced to live fox (6)
15 He leaves the long grass of course in depression (6)
17 Hamstring close to deltoid in part of joint (6)
19 Confine junior medic (6)
20 Construct dining room in island after returning (8)
22 Person addressing shorthand typist, demanding ruler? (8)
24 A drama at sea, caused by this force? (6)
26 Cheap collation drunk in dark bar perhaps (5,9)

1 Incidenttal Tantric music played on a lute originally (14)
2 Nicholas was one, small, embraced by sailor (4)
3 He sells faulty retread European rejected (6)
4 One bleeding nearly everywhere, not fit to serve? (8)
5 Deep swimmer (4)
7 Drove buggy close to Thurso burn (6)
8 Wild plants? They fill house (5-3-6)
12 A poem about British place to live (5)
14 It transmits and receives lines within minutes (5)
16 Information cites unusual study of heredity (8)
18 Rhoda trained to catch one mullet, say (6)
21 Gangsters' girls go up to host a skiing event (6)
23 Gaunt horse confined in container.... (4)
25 .... lacking this award, disheartened (4)
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