Cryptic Crossword from Economic Times Bangalore (7407 of 15-05-2019) - Fillable and with solution

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6 Lord's blog, I see, needs editing -- it's his duty (8,6)
9 Dictate European set of beliefs back to front (6)
10 Uncompromising book left with no conclusion (8)
11 Paid a vet after treatment, accepting change (8)
13 Send packing secured with cord? About time! (6)
15 It concerns spring in Severn, albeit not all of it (6)
17 Think about names for edible plant (6)
19 Young seal runs round place, hurt (4,2)
20 Caught shower after middle of February's busiest time (4,4)
22 A game, one in Georgia, needs proper defence (8)
24 Get free top in English home counties (6)
26 Titanic swindle perplexed lookalikes (9,5)

1 Not economically advanced and lacking in contrast (14)
2 Ski lift to be arranged on run (1-3)
3 Enemy scattered, pursued by one Arab (6)
4 Very lazy British individual I led astray (4,4)
5 German boy's happy (4)
7 Cup rests on this swimming race with US (6)
8 Many species aim to drink litres for no specific reason (7-7)
12 Perhaps Conservatives do (5)
14 Judy's husband is a hit (5)
16 Georgia roughly keeps page notes in order (8)
18 It dispersed in a drama at sea (6)
21 Morse, say, deciphered hustle (6)
23 Cork product in Dublin office (4)
25 College record contains one short piece of film (4)
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