Cryptic Crossword from Economic Times Bangalore (7460 of 16-07-2019) - Fillable and with solution

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6 Pacify excellent comic forgetting a line? He dies after it (4,10)
9 Attack ship, one in trouble (6)
10 Distribute orders to protect a foreign game (8)
11 Flabbergasted,I weeded ground about end of May (4-4)
13 Enthusiasm not easily picked up in East End (6)
15 Doctor cares about priest in predicament (6)
17 Send back paintings in error. causing tension(6)
19 Machinist ignores exercises to become speaker (6)
20 Member of clergy receives four for healing (8)
22 Our hero trained to follow Zulu when action starts (4,4)
24 Notice restricting comic's filth (6)
26 Beside sea in Oban detective, tense, finds slot machine (3-5,6)

1 The ultimate in snaps encourage cosmetic expert (7,7)
2 Old king on holiday with American (4)
3 Journo with French article spikes writer's collection (6)
4 Owner initially is unable to save trophy for tenant (8)
5 Claimed special assistance (4)
7 Take off staff, stopping wages (6)
8 A civic argument spoiled what intrepid yachtsmen do (14)
12 Feelsorry for topless bird (5)
14 Plan floating platform to support 500 (5)
16 Random changes in gym make you 'come again' (6, 2)
18 Given bad marks, run away in panic (6)
21A rogue or a scallywag to some extent (6)
23 Work with a large stone (4)
25 Carefully considered, say, what 12s do (4)
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Created at 21.30 hrs IST on 16-07-2019 from Bangalore

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