Cryptic Crossword from Economic Times Bangalore (7513 of 16-09-2019) - Fillable and with solution

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6 Birders are not excited about British bird (5,9)
9 Cold indicator seen wavering near zero? Not half (6)
10 Write English books about onetime sinner who confesses (8)
11 Raise horse, 18, expending energy (8)
13 University student stuck in underground pipe (6)
15 About 100 in here misbehaving? (6)
17 Left-over good stuff in bottleneck (6)
19 Snack food mixed with eel could be priceless (6)
20 Speaking fluently with bias somehow questionable (8)
22 Crazy inferno -- a tough case to crack? (8)
24 Section of foot marching perfectly (6)
26 Celeb is plotting to reform source of reports on track (8,6)

1 Prudent critic upset about current IT board (7,7)
2 Instrument's old and broken here and there (4)
3 Topple a foreign stall (6)
4 Mad abolitionist lost, lost from the word go (2,6)
5 Crack top of seat in plane (4)
7 Former writer and director pay out (6)
8 Unmarried men did broadcast extremely loudly and doggedly (6-8)
12 Roughly estimate time forfeited by hotel clients (5)
14 Small but tasteful job I arranged for all to see (5)
16 Panic spread this year (8)
18 Traveller's complaint? Being let out in car (3,3)
21 Source of Ulster cheque turned up (6)
23 Former labourer's cheeky, almost revolutionary (4)
25 Locate shift key in odd positions (4)
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Created at 22.30 hrs IST on 16-09-2019 from Bangalore

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