Cryptic Crossword from Economic Times Bangalore (7591 of 16-12-2019) - Fillable and with solution

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6 Do Henley’s women set out fruits? (8,6)
9 Ring daughter during actual trial (6)
10 His shock treatment annoys officer with uniform (8)
11 Spotted pattern in dance with Dorothy (5-3)
13 Annie for instance, or admirer, called out (6)
15 Trader, one who hands out cards (6)
17 Force unit not swelling on way back (6)
19 Men in service causing confusion (6)
20 Complete sailor’s old instrument (8)
22 Coxswain, hard bloke, hugs trees (8)
24 More expensive way, I hear, to pull out (6)
26 Obstacle falling in second large building (9,5)

1 Hood’s few resort merrily here (8,6)
2 Stake put away around end of garden (4)
3 Lens cover European idly misplaced touring Spain (6)
4 He consumes all old French wine over in Rome, drunk (8)
5 Sign on staff in bicycle factory (4)
7 Animate old church, installing just what’s needed (6)
8 UK learners won’t fancy ‘brainy’ IT systems (6,8)
12 Old chap in Ford that’s up a gum tree? (5)
14 Dear part of plant (5)
16 Harry seen with doctor beside the French group (8)
18 Minister entertains northern big gun (6)
21 Small, plump and stocky (6)
23 Note Maureen following writer (4)
25 Cross entrance on way up (4)
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Created at 11.00 hrs IST on 16-12-2019 from Bangalore

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