Cryptic Crossword from Economic Times Bangalore (7514 of 17-09-2019) - Fillable and with solution

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6 Hire French chef to bottle a classy volume of wine (9,5)
9 A big car in Belfast not speedy? It can hold 35 gallons (6)
10 Organ played in a protest (8)
11 It's fine nicking a computer? Such gall! (3,5)
13 Clubs authorise British actor (6)
15 This sort of clue makes one angry (6)
17 Port some passed over on return journey (6)
19 A way to describe bit part in Western? (6)
20 Tell a lecturer to be casual (8)
22 Poison distilled from a protein (8)
24 Discover old Conservative dead outside (6)
26 Play on words? It conveys parts for assembly (10,4)

1 That area's furious about first man's rise? It's nuts! (2,3,2,1,6)
2 What dentist uses to polish up tip of molar (4)
3 Phone set? (4,2)
4 It's compulsory for church to block close (8)
5 Dart landed under female (4)
7 Small child very quiet during check-up (6)
8 Those people supporting countryman stand up for it (8,6)
12 Pungent corrosive chemical contains radical (5)
14 He doesn't win roles sadly (5)
16 Rehearsed move, flat on stage (3,5)
18 Camp TV series, obscure timeless success (2-2-2)Not solved
21 Sleek elegant NY railway cutting (6)
23 The chances of pathetic guy turning up without one? (4)
25 Cut tree up to make small bed (4)
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Created at 16.30 hrs IST on 17-09-2019 from Bangalore

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