Cryptic Crossword from Economic Times Bangalore (7671 of 18-03-2020) - Fillable and with solution

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1 Butt in, or chance being crushed (8)
5 Commuter belt coach carries Polish around (6)
9 Sort of bowler not quite prepared for battle (8)
10 Bravery medal expands a bit, possibly an ounce? (3,3)
12 Standard choice of adjacent characters (4)
13 Flummoxed, I try female ancestry (6,4)
15 Split up to retain margins of eastern major shareholder (6,7)
19 Business back in state causes anxiety (13)
23 Imaginative person’s coming round at four (10)
25 Clever bishop stops drink (4)
28 Our NHS could make charge suddenly (6)
29 Austrian royal worked hard with UK and Spain to retain Cape (8)
30 TV presenters swap places and move to another area (6)
31 Unruly youth Toby somehow inspired Nelson (5,3)

1 Queen managed to control one horse (6)
2 Drink’s a bit unpredictable when sent up (5)
3 Fine artist’s ‘Ladies fingers’ (4)
4 Screen NI police once put up to hide old reserves (7)
6 One chap’s heading off to collect egg (5)
7 Not sure northeast should be combined with 4 (9)
8 Times article comes with extra, incidentally (2,3,3)
11 Record is kepth in Washington (4)
14 Blast’s nearly late going up (4)
15 Gay prince made a mess of eulogy (9)
16 A century of distinction (3)
17 Young woman’s crazy about India (4)
18 Use this to build small eatery earlier (8)
20 About to acquire just what’s needed for ceremony (4)
21 Plug poetry that’s hurtful (7)
22 Plant should get IT installed for speed (6)
24 Check over special tree product (5)
26 Obscure book having this on its cover? (5)
27 Slough, a typical place to store tools (4)
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Created at 19.00 hrs IST on 18-03-2020 from Bangalore

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