Cryptic Crossword from Economic Times Bangalore (7698 of 18-04-2020) - Fillable and with solution (Sorry. No time for giving hints as I solved the crossword just before going to bed on Saturday and could not find time to upload it till now)

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1 One trip with a taxi arranged for exile (12)
8 In addition, the disc goes round — about time! (7)
9 Normal hire charge upset colleague (7)
11 Informer searches for ordinary people (5,5)
12 Get a close-up of menagerie and its leader (4)
14 Chinese game magazine keeps John diverted? Good (3-5)
16 Troll’s old jewellery close to front (6)
17 Axe man, by the sound of it (3)
19 Eccentric’s the centre of attention, say (6)
21 Appearance of fancy new unfinished ship (8)
24 German stuff that doesn’t amount to much (4)
25 Teams confuse woman’s position at Badminton (10)
27 Rule covering a large change in position (7)
28 Young owl initially lacks fluid part of egg (4,3)
29 Person promoting German car worker is head of state (12)

1 English trees rot (7)
2 Where gather reporters to plead their cases? (5,5)
3 Profound depression overwhelms head office (8)
4 Attribute source of icon to place in Middle East (6)
5 Tread on this somewhere in Lebanon (4)
6 Lagoon sadly swamps wicket, producing embarrassing score (3,4)
7 A German gets a complex job behind the scenes (5,7)
10 Recollection to do with small college in picture (12)
13 Europeans get over safe jumps in event (4-6)
15 Lift stage set (3)
18 Naive Women’s Institute tinted skirts midweek (4-4)
20 Kate surprisingly eats nearly every bun (7)
22 Customer needs to be trained to handle uranium right (3-4)
23 Violet and another woman raised capital (6)
26 Metal found embedded in quartz in Canada (4)
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Created at 22.15 hrs IST on 18-04-2020 from Bangalore

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