Cryptic Crossword from Economic Times Bangalore (7723 of 18-05-2020) - Fillable and with solution

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6 Explorers at sea arrange anchorage with ropes (14)
9 Imitation used foolishly in Post Office (6)
10 Dislike quelling men’s outrage (8)
11 Wasted cash on ridiculous blue clerical garb (8)
13 Got furious about first of garments in tatters (6)
15 Wild mule runs over, say, a pea (6)
17 Lead round judge first of all to see cheap housing (6)
19 The USA’s first team? (6)
20 Rector appears, in reality, to be widely read (8)
22 Puerile writer’s spouse tours old city (8)
24 During times following epidemic flood appears (6)
26 This early genus could be something picked up in southeast (7,7)

1 He uses handloom cleverly to produce well-known brands (9,5)
2 Crew initially underestimate list of options (4)
3 Note distressed doctor in Bury (6)
4 Worker’s party queen (8)
5 Special actor who exaggerates 9 (4)
7 Child’s horse caught in middle of 13 (3-3)
8 Decayed branches cover over vacated constituencies once (6,8)
12 View mess (5)
14 Club operator perhaps left out errand boy (5)
16 Slander Irish copper car part (8)
18 Run away from church do (6)
21 Sharp pain makes one double up, say (6)
23 Chemist’s water’s light blue (4)
25 Turn over fine border (4)
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Created at 13.30 hrs IST on 18-05-2020 from Bangalore

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