Cryptic Crossword from Economic Times Bangalore (7593 of 18-12-2019) - Fillable and with solution

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1 Her Grace is drunk? Put in more juice (8)
5 Humidity stifling City? Head for the hills (6)
9 It may be pulled in game trained officer’s controlling (8)
10 Fish and who caught it, heading off? (6)
12 Only left out unknown stone (4)
13 Rich spring he'd filled with fish (4-6)
15 Independent ginseng lover angrily accepts fine (4-9)
19 Busy reading on deck, how sailor knows where he is (4,9)
23 One of five new arrivals queen placed over in bay (10)
25 Still one that’s reputed to inhabit mountains? (4)
28 Sculpt statue? That’s clever (6)
29 Deciding on commercial alternative (8)
30 Take flight south, landing in eastern promontory (6)
31 Design thin copy that’s mesmerising (8)

1 Carol longs to take in corset, say (4-2)
2 Guarded prison with Yankee (5)
3 Poor contributions collected during Palm Sunday (4)
4 Spirit's English, medicinal plant's Asian (7)
6 Cream drunk in middle of Greece (5)
7 Dreadful software exhausted granny at first (9)
8 After brief show, writer's importing German model (8)
11 European’s special place to go (4)
14 Obscure unfinished description on jacket (4)
15 A piece of information that could be vital (9)
16 Timber supplier’s right to recruit one (3)
17 Sailors enjoy excellent shower (4)
18 A meeting about eastern question is satisfactory (8)
20 Manage county gym (4)
21 Deny OAP bananas when parents visit school (4,3)
22 Piece of cake and when to eat it outdoors? (6)
24 Child not asleep? Set books upside down (3,2)
26 Bull perhaps is somewhat unpredictable (5)
27 Country doesn’t have one bridge (4)
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Created at 10.00 hrs IST on 18-12-2019 from Chennai

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