Cryptic Crossword from Economic Times Bangalore (7411 of 20-05-2019) - Fillable and with solution

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1 What binds ex-pupils? Torn oilcloth does (3,6,3)
8 The best work by two familiar men (7)
9 Is one enthralled by fish in this part of Africa? (7)
11 Engulfs remaining trees skirting Welsh borders (10)
12 Boom in corner shop? (4)
14 He stupidly charged the Russians for his garment (8)
16 Web designer noticed her, I hear (6)
17 It's principally chewed up deliberately (3)
19 Charles and his mother make beer after whiskey, say (6)
21 Northern Irish writer backs trendy southern game (8)
24 Black toy vehicle, front missing (4)
25 Believe car needs fixing, like some accounts (10)
27 Bard returns to drink a quiet cuppa here (7)
28 I'll get a messy job for gardener (7)
29 Dan tried city abroad, carrying this in case (8,4)

1 Last longer, forging a route across west (7)
2 Stand in restaurant, silent, and wear it for a change (4,6)
3 Copper scaled ground that has no way out (3-2-3)
4 Pick up issue number when expected (2,4)
5 Pine trunk found around end of autumn (4)
6 On reflection, sauce is not ideal at first, it's bland (7)
7 TT competitor spreads cost with Cyril and Tom (12)
10 An Irish first-year student keeps nearly-new deodorant (3,9)
13 Superior force applied to a former African country (5,5)
15 Notes impress snooty sister (3)
18 Lyric Ted broadcast right away (8)
20 A hospital room consumes kilowatts? That's embarrassing (7)
22 Terribly boring ad, not good, placed in Hull (7)
23 Where to receive baffling answers in Philadelphia (6)
26 Avoid local star outside hotel (4)
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Created at 18.00 hrs IST on 20-05-2019 from Bangalore

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