Cryptic Crossword from Economic Times Bangalore (7570 of 21-11-2019) - Fillable and with solution

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1 Resolve X as well as redefining pointer (5,6)
9 Board at Waterloo aren't randomly elected (7)
10 Drink cask with king, drunk (4,3)
11 United performing with energy (3)
12 Make more agreeable gun with tiny investment (7)
13 Electrical device or fitting inserted in twisty road (7)
14 Left each grassy area (3)
15 Aspire to retire, taking in cold period (5)
17 Make happy church dignitary cast out leading priest (5)
18 Brussels blocks suggestion for commercial link (3-2)
20 Teams start to suspect a bad day in Rome (5)
22 Useless daughters go around for all to see (3)
24 Break par during thaw playing hostile course (7)
25 Bishop and Russian leader hosting duke mix easily (5,2)
26 Headless chicken or other bird (3)
27 Bergerac's impressive house wine (7)
28 Saint leaves calm for disorder (7)
29 They usually go up when the curtain comes down (5,6)

1 Teams here in bath swim all at once (2,3,4,6)
2 In US, he's called up makeshift boat in river (7)
3 Gaseous element, unknown new one that's come up (5)
4 One redcap, English, longed to be charged with misconduct (9)
5 Cleverly wangle securing posh part of ship (7)
6 Dexterity perhaps a quality of most trusty aide? (5-10)
7 Duck devours southeastern prickly plant (6)
8 EU upset about wrong turn? That's not right (6)
16 Where to dry hops in old South-sea complex (4,5)
18 Watch out! Kevin's beginning to hit hard (6)
19 Highland plant, unnamed, next to water in Paris (7)
21 The last thwarted burglar needed more of this (7)
23 Like some pastries, a number in bowl (6)
25 Pancakes supplied by Dublin inn (5)
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Created at 21.30 hrs IST on 21-11-2019 from Bangalore

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