Cryptic Crossword from Economic Times Bangalore (7465 of 22-07-2019) - Fillable and with solution

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6 Adult and a kid go cheaply abroad -- on this? (7,7)
9 Plan church occupying same ground (6)
10 Employees control new function, creating stalemate (8)
11 Type of horse jumping (8)
13 Wild birds circle close to edible remains (6)
15 Unique energy conserved by switching positions? (3-3)
17 Purchase textprocessing software, say, for model (6)
19 A seabird catches third of fish behind boat (6)
20 Playing away distorts real duty (8)
22 One shot in the conservatory or two in the billiard room? (3,5)
24 Don't lag behind, swapping parts for maintenance (6)
26 Linnets getting troublesome itch after touching this? (8,6)

1 Lots watch this Tory publication's opening (9,5)
2 Remove borders from holy ground (4)
3 Trip a female wearing Indian garment (6)
4 Like witty playwright with no bottle? (8)
5 Uncultivated Irish playwright on radio (4)
7 Standard kind, heading off touring south (6)
8 He weds eine Frau wrongly, then says this to her? (3,11)
12 Tell story about, say, European city (5)
14 Raise ducks in British way (5)
16 Disney film following Czar's daughter when exiled (8)
18 Unruly artillerymen joke about tank's leader (6)
21 Spare a French American journalist (6)
23 Atlantic beat not uniform (4)
25 Christopher and Henry's friends and acquaintances (4)
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