Cryptic Crossword from Economic Times Bangalore (7544 of 22-10-2019) - Fillable and with solution

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6 Former chef Robert takes ages dressing pork and birds (7.7)
9 Carnival provided flipping awful teas (6)
10 Passionate ex-serviceman enlists tough guys (8)
11 Chicken in beer for gangster (2,6)
13 Read out crumpled receipt - 'No Parking' (6)
15 Cast suppressed one newspaper that's untrustwortny (6)
17 Signs Cuba's to help Australia? On the contrary (6)
19 Feature in the 17 unable to be deciphered (6)
20 Owner initially is unable to keep trophy for tenant (8)
22 Creased doilies daugnter put on pedestal (8)
24 Really old livery needs to be redesigned (6)
26 United Nations committee pledging to be resolute (14)

1 Tissue damage in decathlon overtaking the French (8,6)
2 They're dangerous or welcoming if held out (4)
3 Five republicans leave domineering woman (6)
4 Idol enjoys time pursuing success untll now (8)
5 Seed's genetically modified? Top lady intervenes (4)
7 Englneers struggle with formal assessment (6)
8 Anthony once managed to retain record for tiniest study? (14)
12 Last word in notice that is not common (5)
14 Communist Party crosses border to make waves (5)
16 Parents wasted time in part of church (8)
18 Perhaps 11 1oves bad luck (6)
21 Leader of crew on a vessel to surrender (4,2)
23 It makes cloth appear indlstinctly (4)
25 Bar bird (4)
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Created at 15.00 hrs IST on 22-10-2019 from Bangalore

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