Cryptic Crossword from Economic Times Bangalore (7675 of 23-03-2020) - Fillable and with solution

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6 Where failure’s assured, a Unionist won it, amazingly (2-3,9)
9 Irishman attends church meeting of medium interest? (6)
10 Orchestral piece, one in unusual tempo (4,4)
11 Sharp marshal, down-to-earth, missing war (2,3,3)
13 Formally introduce elected Parisian nobleman on time (6)
15 Not revealed, like billionaire’s wealth? (6)
17 Count is aware of being reported (6)
19 Doctor avoids children suffering growth on limbs perhaps (6)
20 Apologies, pomander needs replacing (6,2)
22 Train chef endlessly concealing illicit drink (4-4)
24 Daughter called about request (6)
26 Government isn’t unfortunately held in high regard (14)

1 Inadequately fed, used dinner hour for refreshment (14)
2 Second pale bird (4)
3 Stylish legal document? Absolutely (6)
4 Fail to impress crazy count in charge of energy (3,2,3)
5 Measure domesticated animals the wrong way (4)
7 Completely hot dog in Oz (2,4)
8 Hurl most of explosive into hole for quarrying (8,6)
12 Snag thumb (5)
14 Very nearly leaves to find party (5)
16 Nothing upset lovelorn Chopin’s key piece (8)
18 Remove leading cricket captain (6)
21 Militant throws out cycle tyre (6)
23 Sixth duke supports old Roman poet (4)
25 Revolutionary writer is left letters (4)
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