Cryptic Crossword from Economic Times Bangalore (7441 of 24-06-2019) - Fillable and with solution

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6 Patriotic song irritates Leo in Manhattan (8,6)
9 Nut has got burnt - should I have worn this? (6)
10 Like many wealthy types, busy females hoard diamonds (4-4)
11 Welshman and Mary worked with northern milk supplier (8)
13 Provide cover at home? OK (6)
15 Attribute icon initially to place in Middle East (6)
17 Make small changes to plug fair (6)
19 Port partly passed over on return journey (6)
20 Unlimited latest penalty covering city centre (8)
22 Captivate Dutch girl weightlifter (8)
24 Distinguished visitor loses heart pursuing gold (6)
26 Fear caused by small house in a subtropical complex? (14)

1 Engineer came and put in routine rockbreaker (9,5)
2 Female leaves to go and get score (4)
3 It's beaten Jerry's enemy twice (3-3)
4 Follow curve - it should reduce travel time (8)
5 Staunch supporter of plant (4)
7 New property housing agreement (6)
8 Senior MP declares money in three European articles (5,9)
12 Expert knows these lines (5)
14 Reject egg on last of bacon (5)
16 Social event still set up outside separately (3,5)
18 Car racing on short racetrack creates shambles (6)
21 Conspicuous insect circling wood (6)
23 Perhaps part of 22 and 3 (4)
25 Nothing to be seen in big wild desert (4)
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Created at 20.00 hrs IST on 24-06-2019 from Bangalore

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