Cryptic Crossword from Economic Times Bangalore (7467 of 24-07-2019) - Fillable and with solution

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1 Current MEP got angry after one's sent in complaint (8)
5 Clear DIY arranged in place after setback (4,2)
9 Odd items in diary now revealing routine (3-2-3)
10 Minute race course that brings you luck (6)
12 Want donkey to conserve energy (4)
13 Unexpected stress I'd introduced on a line (10)
15 Fighting aid U.S. bank clerk wielded, tackling bodyguards (5,8)
19 It was used to build walls but a lad wanted rocks (6,3,4)
23 Guy rested after drinking gallons, the glutton (6,4)
25 Feature of nasty eye (4)
28 Just after a fine romance (6)
29 Mammal, occasionally macabre, very black on the outside (8)
30 Expression, Glaswegian one, in decline (6)
31 Cheapest way to travel always in western coach (8)

1 Symbolically, it looks like one solution for 25? (6)
2 Tax system traps European person receiving cheque (5)
3 Short canine whistle? (4)
4 Good ways to conceal cold looks (7)
6 One learned man's shot (5)
7 Sailors here catch bully in disguise, nicking litres (5,4)
8 Cold-hearted priest is stealing bits of roof (8)
11 Notice what interpreters do for those with poor hearing (4)
14 Catch sloth in Holland (4)
15 Stroke insect (9)
16 Members of banking family (3)
17 Bluish tin with variable contents (4)
18 Have aims unexpected bonuses for the other side? (3,5)
20 Does it choke ponds in botanical gardens? (4)
21 Take away tons transported uphill (7)
22 Boo Liberal during outburst of cheek (6)
24 Heard Hamlet, for one, condescend (5)
26 This is a rich accessory, the tops (5)
27 Advantage of the landed gentry (4)
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Created at 17.30 hrs IST on 24-07-2019 from Bangalore

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