Cryptic Crossword from Economic Times Bangalore (7652 of 25-02-2020) - Fillable and with solution

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6 Fresh pears end on top where press is assembled (4,10)
9 Marines horse around in special dance (6)
10 Tour doesn’t finish without handkerchief as a gift (8 should be 5,3)
11 Indecent writer’s 9 (8)
13 New version of ‘Merry Meerkat’ lacking a conclusion (6)
15 Child pinching bit of shellfish (6)
17 Puff? Smokers do it continually (6)
19 You managed to acquire name in the navy — Damon? (6)
20 You may need it to ring one about a hoax by Spain (4,4)
22 Cartridge etc. sent back holding something useful (8)
24 Like dog in long tale, chary about a horse (6)
26 Quiet old exbride, one that’s scatty like Diana Dors? (8,6)

1 Doctor must earn pay outside? It’s not in keeping (14)
2 Took a dip in bog mostly (4)
3 Tailor helps to dress Conservative in drag (6)
4 He mends cloth on clothes drier (8)
5 Frail garden rose hiding top of aster (4)
7 Kind mother? (6)
8 Sort of cold, dank garage implying intrigue (5-3-6)
12 Refund pence during bad year (5)
14 Scotsman welcomes Joe’s conjuring tricks (5)
16 A big mug of beer in Munich for Albert perhaps (8)
18 Floral cluster in stock, some well out (6)
21 See round a small island with no trouble (6)
23 He’s stuck up poles supported by old barrel (4)
25 Spots expert touring Norway (4)
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Created at 21.45 hrs IST on 25-02-2020 from Bangalore

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