Cryptic Crossword from Economic Times Bangalore (7442 of 25-06-2019) - Fillable and with solution

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6 Hug troubled man wounded in fight (5-3-6)
9 Show loose stones at bottom of ocean (6)
10 Pass gnarled oak tree pierced by front of vehicle (8)
11 Aim to limit unusual energy bargain (4,4)
13 MEP can, with difficulty, put up ad-hoc lodging (6)
15 Dogs may drag this to butcher, say (6)
17 Hostile country in Africa starts to get nastier (6)
19 Part of flower meant to develop after onset of spring (6)
20 Ladies managed to keep bishop and duke out of service (8) \
22 Oil giant disrupted relief work (8)
24 Polish fellow introduced to queen in France (6)
26 New NHS policy says one must go in and mind tests (14)

1 Old American rock group's behind special price for rocks (8,6)
2 Discourteous part of procedure is lifted (4)
3 Risk almost all the area around altar (6)
4 Start off letter about church area and other things (2,6)
5 It's on fronts of some mags, usually titillating (4)
7 Silly person, old one, confused (6)
8 I'd arranged with Leeds kinsmen to get agreement (4-10)
12 Fantasise about breaking barrier (5)
14 151 megabyte increase (5)
16 Weird lingo inhibits a new government nerve centre (8)
18 Notice Jack about to entertain one neighbour (6)
21 American heads north to bank with confidence (6)
23 Playful parade ignoring its leader (4)
25 Donít eat quickly (4)
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