Cryptic Crossword from Economic Times Bangalore (7521 of 25-09-2019) - Fillable and with solution

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1 Dutch bird involved with problem of scale (8)
5 South coast resort's OK if you ignore its suburbs (6)
9 Court extremely likely to tackle past in secret (8)
10 Western girl's boot (6)
12 Cook rarely includes vegetable (4)
13 Charitable association present after drinks (5,5)
15 All you need to get in the ideal thing? (4,3,6)
19 Focus group that's positioned behind the strings (8,5)
23 Bad action foolishly bringing in second in line? (10)
25 Fever carries away leading pair in European capital (4)
28 Pay popular Middle East clothing business (6)
29 Frivolous female initially likes one very quiet worker (8)
30 Intend to recruit detective for middle term (6)
31 Fit shelves evenly in loft (8)

1 Interfere with court during opening (6)
2 Under no circumstances raise level on river (5)
3 Two lots of troops hard to find (4)
4 The side-effects of quarrel? (7)
6 Clumsy swan flies up into it (5)
7 Dimwitted young Henry Bishop forged fences (4-5)
8 'Patience', say, needs tenor in old repeat broadcast (8)
11 Old poet loses opening stake (4)
14 Starts to unwrap sweet every day, not mint (4)
15 Add juice stirred with last of gin and bitter (9)
16 Squeeze uranium into mercury (3)
17 Writer's a married prayer leader (4)
18 Seeking to avoid reality in camp sites abroad, wasting time (8)
20 Bats are amazing, flying north (4)
21 Reserve allowed brochure (7)
22 Infected crumbling cesspit emitting sulphur (6)
24 Butterfly, male, in deep sleep (5)
26 Work hard loading fliers into sports car (5)
27 Love place surrounding a stone (4)
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Created at 15.30 hrs IST on 25-09-2019 from Bangalore

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