Cryptic Crossword from Economic Times Bangalore (7495 of 26-08-2019) - Fillable and with solution

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6 MP's job? Painting perhaps (14)
9 Twice capital hosts frosty summit (6)
10 Chemical compound is held up in a storm (8)
11 Lotion's meant to be spread, also to vanish (8)
13 Burst in Irish game, gaining point (6)
15 Local new musical withdrawn (6)
17 Stars, extremely costly, praised on retirement (6)
19 Political theorist edited legends Democrat banned (6)
20 Potter character, he hogged nuts (8)
22 Greeting Marshal very loudly, become friends (3,2,3)
24 Bar film clip right away (6)
26 Survey fiddle during cultural revival (14)

1 Former tower guide training etc. to welcome one (8,6)
2 Web image on a grand scale? (4)
3 Race footballer around surgery (6)
4 Make dull superior officer doubt being in dirty place (8)
5 Long channel beginning to disappear (4)
7 Substitute a bunch of skiers at Zermatt (6)
8 I'm Pop, so exclude extraordinary love for Mom? (7,7)
12 Count, say, what's on sleeve (5)
14 Called English sweep (5)
16 12 or 6 seconds are significant (8)
18 United fans initially enter this ground for a look (6)
21 Fancy boozefree eastern ship coming in (6)
23 Hero left after words during wedding (4)
25 Sugar supplier's staff (4)
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Created at 19.30 hrs IST on 26-08-2019 from Bangalore

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