Cryptic Crossword from Economic Times Bangalore (7342 of 28-02-2019) - Fillable and with solution

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1 Proof eastern study in immorality (8)
5 Impulsive sort rejecting VIP breakfast (6)
9 Land chopper here in other compound skirting border (8)
10 Old writer's copy found in Kent perhaps (6)
12 Policeman seizes first of rye harvest (4)
13 Great fun working in heart of Hull but thankless (10)
15 Party game maybe Oliver supervises (7,6)
19 Tense prediction by optimistic fortuneteller? (6,7)
23 Pour out a port from America that's priceless (10)
25 Distinctive character in restaurant (4)
28 Independent company turns into do-it-yourself folly (6)
29 Infidelity that violates real duty (8)
30 To some degree prevent silly contests (6)
31 A couple of pages conclude ninth supplement (8)

1 English start to collaborate in this study of morality (6)
2 Group of schoolgirls heading north for abode there (5)
3 Catch sight of European mole (4)
4 Constant number in college choir needing training (7)
6 University fanatic retains chapter unexpurgated (5)
7 Miser in Florida broke limits (9)
8 Paint rosy picture of ladies dancing in centre of Kiev (8)
11 Doctor always controls examination (4)
14 Alexander was this sailor hugging son (4)
15 Michael keeps robot prepared for transport (9)
16 Copy primate (3)
17 Pay attention to director in Glasgow, say (4)
18 Levi suffers a bit when climbing unrestrained (8)
20 Duo broadcast under pressure (4)
21 Review more costly article in magazine first (7)
22 Cat possesses a rare organ for producing sound (6)
24 Where ladies display hats and elaborate coats (5)
26 Classy writer beginning to describe tip ... (5)
27 ... tip like this? (4)
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Created at 11.45 hrs IST on 28-02-2019 from Bangalore

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