Cryptic Crossword from Economic Times Bangalore (7418 of 28-05-2019) - Fillable and with solution

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6 What solver's stables do not so fast? (4,4,6)
9 Loves clothing left in Iberian city (6)
10 Rule out Prelude in C? Quite the opposite (8)
11 Tundra denizens check grass in retreat (8)
13 Swear in popular channel (6)
15 Dull, very old article (6)
17 United fans initially enter this ground for a look (6)
19 Glossy cloth noticed covering a table top (6)
20 Extended English garden designed around lake (8)
22 Stimulant diluted punch (8)
24 Dust cloud unable to disperse (6)
26 Makeover of artist Norman is out of order (14)

1 He beats photographer, the cheeky upstart (14)
2 Slight lack of clarity in speech (4)
3 Former bishop, extremely young one (6)
4 Embarrassed, she's doubly unsettled about page 1 (8)
5 Old painter left examination (4)
7 Corrupt impure judge (6)
8 Hormone supplier's timeless belief in part of GB (9,5)
12 Northern Ireland medal for tearful Greek lady (5)
14 Put off fellow tucking into venison (5)
16 Restrain and control primarily in bad mood (8)
18 Top of fir trees randomly decay (6)
21 Horse-drawn carriage connects Tyrol and Augsburg (6)
23 Sea eagle in Irish river (4)
25 Sailing ship, huge, spans river (4)
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Created at 16.00 hrs IST on 28-05-2019 from Kanchipuram

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