Cryptic Crossword from Economic Times Mumbai (7549 of 28-10-2019) (No newspapers in Bangalore due to holiday for Deepawali)- Fillable and with solution

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6 Talking too much ruins Nelson's wedding (4-10)
9 Person accompanying score arranged by tenor (6)
10 Welsh bloke with army perplexed new milk supplier (8)
11 Half of Guardian for that reason is pink (8)
13 Harangue one breaking deal (6)
15 Confined person occupying ultimate position on board (6)
17 Caretaker, extremely short, welcomes a little work (6)
19 Scale from large snake (6)
20 Strong words help retired ethnic group (8)
22 Ninth edition by bishop filling journal's miscellany (5,3)
24 Nasty experience for town in Kent lacking fluorine (6)
26 Brutal colonel violently seizes note out of hand (14)

1 College girl: 'I lie about A grading' (14)
2 Facts and figures gathered in rainforests (4)
3 Whip joker in school (6)
4 Run down literature that goes into betel nuts (8)
5 Black top removed from small car (4)
7 Policeman's stopping miners stripping (6)
8 Traders debar an extraordinary leading figure (8-6)
12 Traveller's mother breaching sanction (5)
14 Message received from men climbing with German (5)
16 Storage capacity of new battery approaching end of life (8)
18 A golf international in trouble for playing slowly (6)
21 NASA's last head initially ordered moon mission (6)
23 Queen's entertaining old figure in circus in London (4)
25 Liability of girl coming out on time (4)
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Created at 14.00 hrs IST on 28-10-2019 from Bangalore

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