Cryptic Crossword from Economic Times Bangalore (7419 of 29-05-2019) - Fillable and with solution

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1 Date stone found in drink, where it may get stuck? (8)
5 Entertained a boss in control of employment (6)
9 Show involving Royal Society's change of heart (8)
10 What Arab found in rotten veal? (6)
12 Burn roast? Scrape top off (4)
13 Parent loses head with drunken lord? Certainly not here (5,5)
15 Pounce by ounce leading to sudden stoppage? (7,6)
19 Pilot's defence compounded his own delusion (4-9)
23 Head office clues about company's song and dance (5,5)
25 Adjoin a reservation (4)
28 Start to deploy villain's parachute (6)
29 Is lecturer leaving law-making for diplomatic mission? (8)
30 Story about old horse the basis of journalist's pay (6)
31 Poisonous compound distilled from a protein (8)

1 SA newsletter's slogan (3,3)
2 Eastern Mediterranean nearly turned up birth sign (5)
3 Take up some therapy to get trim (4)
4 Pollutant only remaining in still (7)
6 Former chairman withholds one call by Persian, say (5)
7 Mark pockets remaining English coin (9)
8 Complete main stopped working, they say (4-4)
11 After upheaval, some gentlemen become emotional (4)
14 Cold boy gets dressed (4)
15 Noted watering-hole present within limits of Kensington (4-5)
16 Send up primate (3)
17 Tense victory in match (4)
18 A new shop light upset plant (8)
20 Start to cultivate old rocky piece of ground (4)
21 Irishman comes round here prepared to get oven ready (7)
22 Position adopted by foremost ancestor (6)
24 Fledgling solver needs guidance initially (5)
26 Pancakes eaten in Dublin inn (5)
27 Part of Connaught serves up sweet potato with duck (4)
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