Cryptic Crossword from Economic Times Bangalore (7394 of 30-04-2019) - Fillable and with solution

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6 I find fast cars tricky around large refuges in road (7,7)
9 Tall grass perplexed all but last foursome (6)
10 Clot ruined mobile with SIM I left out (8)
11 He's a sceptic, acting so irrationally (8)
13 Reptile that's nearly surrounded by sea in Cornwall (6)
15 Attempt to hide a pound in hat (6)
17 Herbaceous plant in wood close to elm (6)
19 Gunmen arrived first, shooting with this (6)
20 Using PA system with no time at first is tiresome (8)
22 Lout asked rebels about trendy hotel (8)
24 The powerful could possibly finish in misery (6)
26 Bernard rated as controversial party leader (8-6)

1 Honest sailor with French restraint (14)
2 Hurtful remark from hairdresser put off Elizabeth (4)
3 An exhibit in procession at sea perhaps (6)
4 Ferdinand's queen lives with a beautiful Italian (8)
5 I'd say auction canvas (4)
7 Hold tight student enclosed in church (6)
8 Biased Democrat lives with almost crooked Conservative (14)
12 Cook unfinished fruit (5)
14 Full of exuberance in quizzes typically (5)
16 Bishop parked poorly, admitting a problem with this? (5,3)
18 Frank's auxiliary verb forms (6)
21 No anaesthetic? (6)
23 Square 21 (4)
25 Former vicepresident's choice of notes? (4)
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Created at 22.30 hrs IST on 30-04-2019 from Chennai

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