Cryptic Crossword from Economic Times Bangalore (7604 of 31-12-2019) - Fillable and with solution

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6 I needn’t pretend bats become reliant on each other (14)
9 The way to approach different cases, about 100 (6)
10 Drink producer’s sixth year ruined in North Dakota (8)
11 Madness frontman saves revised set for intimates (8)
13 Vulgar new theory advanced for love (6)
15 Soldiers contribute nothing to game if retreating (6)
17 Painting on wall forces changes (6)
19 In Paris, one meets 7, not 5, out of sight (6)
20 Float? Leave it to be dismantled round end of street (8)
22 Stowe’s hero deflected contumely Yankee ignored (5,3)
24 Monarch reflected on present name and prestige (6)
26 Pressure on new ringmaster for stopping drama etc. (10,4)

1 Refuse to approve party at UN canteen abroad (14)
2 Nasty eye partly due to this? (4)
3 Adjust these to admit more light for flowers (6)Not solved
4 Cervids in three rivers, including German one (8)
5 Donkey’s heading off for a spin (4)
7 The language of Tolkien and King Henry (6)
8 Direction of bygone Hitchcock classic (5-9)
12 13 a description of this London theatre? (5)
14 Figures etc. are about to return to zero (5)
16 Picture I replaced with French one in flat (8)
18 A lecturer at college collects money for old boys (6)
21 5 republicans leave powerful woman (6)
23 Sky 50 feet over ring (4)
25 As a rule, the 14th letter or its predecessor (4)
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Created at 20.30 hrs IST on 31-12-2019 from Chennai

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