Cryptic Crossword from Sunday Times No.3073 dated 18-12-2016 (Chennai)(Fillable and with solution)

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1 Order posted by a tyrant (6)ANAGRAM of POSTED
4 An example of batting position (8)
9 Frenzied woman made an error (6)ANAGRAM of MADE AN
10 Work back to back on location across the way (8)
12 Regular correspondence between sides (8)
13 The single boy in a family is very much a favourite (4,2)
15 Classical maid who always had the last word (4)
16 Quits the board, getting a fair settlement (6,4)
19 Acts concerning gratuities (10)
20 Trip to ancient city (4)
23 Great influence of one politician on some legislation (6)
25 Rough meadow beside the railway (8)
27 Frantic I doze off before I can recognize (2,1,5) CHARADE+ANAGRAM of I CAN
28 A head with totally unsatisfactory delivery (2-4)
29 Excellent entertainment which is well-done (4,4)
30 Almost ready to include me in the cure (6)

1 The estate needs me to reorganise it (7)ANAGRAM of NEEDS ME
2 Shipmates set off in this vessel (9)ANAGRAM of SHIPMATES
3 Spoke off alternative possible date (6)CHARADE+ANAGRAM of DATE
5 Turn up for drinks (4)
6 We get odd treatment that can damage the user (3-5)ANAGRAM of WE GET ODD
7 They are driven to join things (5)
8 Point learnt afresh always to be remembered (7)CHARADE+ANAGRAM of LEARNT
11 One may peg out playing it out of doors (7)Not solved
14 Restaurant cutlery (7)
17 No longer an individual to esteem, that's clear (9)
18 Old soldiers scared to get involved (8)ANAGRAM of SCARED TO
19 Taking the offensive is a help in the boxing arena (7)
21 Uncommon payment for an author (7)
22 One of eight requires medical attention (6)
24 Philosopher involved in a plot (5)ANAGRAM of A PLOT
26 Swimming pool with nothing under cover (4)
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